Gil Gutiérrez brings the fullest meaning to the word, "virtuoso."
Whether it is jazz, or pure classical, he brings sensitivity and excitement to the music.

Doc Severinsen

Monday, January 24, 2011

Gil is in New York!

"If it hadn't been for a fateful encounter five years ago, two extraordinary jazz virtuosos, gutiartist Gil Gutiérrez and trumpeter Doc Severinsen, wouldn’t be performing together at Carnegie Hall on January 28. In fact, they wouldn’t be making music together at all. As anyone knows who has heard these artists riff off each other, that would be a loss to the world."

"Amidst the mad, high energy of the show, filled with Severinsen’s sparkling trumpet solos, demon guitar work by Gutiérrez, propulsive Cuban beats, and a moment when percussionist Branly rushed center stage to drum on Gutiérrez’s guitar, there were also meditative pieces that linger in the memory still."

These two excerpts are from a fantastic article with photos in the New York City Life Examiner. Click on the link below to read the full story by writer Mona Molarsky:

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