Gil Gutiérrez brings the fullest meaning to the word, "virtuoso."
Whether it is jazz, or pure classical, he brings sensitivity and excitement to the music.

Doc Severinsen

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Recording in Los Angeles

I'm excited to let all our friends know we are recording a new cd in Los Angeles with Charly Bisharat on violin, Jimmy Branly on percussion, Otmaro Ruiz, piano, Kevin Thomas and Rene Camacho on bass and of course Doc on trumpet. What an energizing experience and we can't wait to share this new project due out in 2012!


  1. Can't wait. Come play in Boston, Gil.

  2. met you in San Miguel a number of years ago and have followed you since. LOVE YOUR MUSIC. When will you be touring again? NE US? Oregon? please-!!

  3. HI Gil,

    Miss you. Am in Vilcabamba, Ecuador heading back to LA in two weeks. Please send me your e-mail. I have something I want to talk with you about. Also, when will your LA recording be available.


    Jeff Hutner

  4. Hi Gil,

    I'm finally releasing the watercolor videos on DVDs that you did the music for yeeeeears ago. The VHS was deceased. Still have all the hours of recording you did under sheets and blankets so we could "control" the sound. :-)
    I've thought of you often and am really happy to see you're doing sensationally!

    Jim Kosvanec